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          We provice a wide range of outsourcing services to meet your company's accounting,tax,payroll processing
and financial management need.
» Prepare the daily accounting record following to the docouments and information porvided by cliences, enter accounting transaction in the general journal and post to the general ledgers and sub ledgers which we consider necessary.
» Present monthly financial statements such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statements, Cash flow report.
» Prepare the year- end financial statements.
» Monthly Withholding Income Tax Filing
» Monthly Value Added Tax Filing
» Annual Corporate Income Tax Filing
» Half-year Corporate Income Tax Filing
» Calculate the net salaries of the company's employees
» Prepare Monthly payroll Statement
» Prepare Schedule of net salary as required by the bank
» Prepare Schedule of Social Securities Fund
» Prepare Payroll slip to each employees
» Prepare and file the monthly employees withholding income tax with The Revenue Department
» Prepare and file the annual summary of withholding personal income tax with The Revenue Department.
» We provide financial audit services for both Thai companies and subsidiaries of international companies.
» Our team comprises Thai Certified Public Accountants.
» We conduct an examination of the statutory accounting records in accordance with internation and Thai generally accepted auditing standards.
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